Sunday, September 4, 2011

Toy Tours

Ashlee signing in.
Colby signing in.
Confusion avoided.

I recently came across this website: You send one of your toys or a cut out picture of yourself to this company in NYC, and they take pictures of said toy or picture visiting sites around the city. There are different tours to choose from - the Full Throttle tour includes lots of sites like Wall Street, Times Square, and Rockefeller Center. They also have the Kids Only Tour, the Sex and the City tour, and the History & Culture tour. It costs from $35-$100, with toys being more expensive than cutout pictures.

My first question is, "What...the...hell?!" Who the hell spends that much money on anything but an ACTUAL trip to NY?? My second question is, "Why the hell didn't I think of this first?

I think we somehow swapped colors for this post. It's weird. But, then I thought, maybe it's because we get confused about which of us is which, even while typing posts. We are twins, after all. Do real twins do confuse themselves with each other? Ok, sorry...I digress.

Ok. What the hell? So, basically, what you're telling me here is I could shell out $1000 on a toy to symbolically go ice skating in Central Park when in reality, for the cost of a plane ticket and whatever it costs to get me from the plane to Central Park and rent skates, I could actually DO the trip. Um. Hm. List of people who might think this is a good idea:

1. Bruno Mars. He might get a grenade thrown at him if he leaves his house. Always safer to be careful.

2. Boy in the Plastic Bubble. He would have a really hard time getting around in NY.

3. Howie Mandell. I hear he is a germophobe.

4. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, or any of the other Toy Story toys. They could just send themselves and enjoy it more than any of the other toys.

5. Casey Anthony. When half the world wants your head on a platter, it's better to "order in," so to speak.

Would you do this for your kid's toys? I'd really and truly like to know. No judging here. :-)


  1. No, I wouldn't do it! What I would do is take the selected toy on adventures in my neck of the woods and take pics! You can always find or create unique
    digitally enhanced art online and then add your toy in it! If a trip is happening; I'm sending me, not a toy ;D Nice to meet you; I'm visiting from the Labor Day BBQ~

  2. Lol! That is crazy. So happy to have met you at the BBQ & looking forward to reading more of your blog. Love that you are twins and doing this together...your blog made me laugh right out loud. :-) Happy Labor Day!

  3. popping over from karen's bbq... hope im not too late! brought some JD and steak! great blog--following! (first twins im following! lol)