Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And So It Begins

Hi there, bloglets, and welcome to our new blog. "Our" meaning mine and Ashlee's, Ashlee's and mine. If you know us in real life, you pretty much know we're joined at the hip in a we-share-a-vital-organ-so-don't-try-to-separate-us sort of a way. If you're visiting from my blog, you'll know Ashlee as my best friend, Blog Club Chief of Staff, and general partner in crime. Still, you're probably thinking, "Why blog together?" (Side note: Because everyone loves to have words put in their mouths, right?) In order to explain that, a little back story. *ahem*

Colby and I met at callbacks for Beauty and the Beast at a local community theatre in October of 2007. We seemed to be the only two girls who didn't know everyone else. We might go into more detail about our time spent at the theatre, but suffice it to say that that night was the start of a beautiful friendship. After the show was over, we started meeting once a week for movie night. This eventually evolved into me just heading straight to Colby's apartment every single day after work in order to do absolutely nothing. We quickly discovered we obsess over the same things and I think that has been what holds us together so well. We no longer had to obsess alone - we could be absolutely insane together!

Over the years, we've realized we share a lot of thoughts ranging from the mundane to the insane. It has become frighteningly common for one of us to comment on something we'd just been thinking about and have the other reply, "I was just thinking about that yesterday/and hour ago/five minutes ago." There is even a classic response now, this has happened so much. It is: "Of course you were."

Yes, for example. In writing this blog post, Colby wrote her paragraphs first and then I inserted my paragraphs. I finished my above paragraph, then scrolled down to see read Colby's next paragraph. I somehow managed to segue perfectly...we both used the word insane. It might sound small and stupid to you, but it happens to us ALL THE TIME.

We also tend to understand each other incredibly well, rely on each other far more than normal humans, dream about each other, and share a lot of personality quirks. Yes, it is dysfunctional. Yes, we are codependent. Is it abnormal? Yes. Is it unhealthy? Maybe. Does it work? Definitely.

We are twins. Zat is why.

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